Why facebook changed its name to meta or metaverse ?

Why facebook changed its name to meta or metaverse:- The company said it is better to “embrace” what it does, as it expands beyond social media to areas such as virtual reality (VR).

This change does not apply to its individual platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, but only to the parent company that owns them.

The move follows a series of negative news stories about Facebook based on documents leaked by a former employee.

Frances Hogan accused the company of “making more profit than security.”

In 2015, Google reorganized its company into its parent company, Alphabet, however, the name was not changed.

What is a metaverse and why facebook changed its name from facebook to meta

“We now look at and report our business into two different segments, one for our apps family and the other for our performance on future platforms.

“As part of this, it’s time to adopt a new company brand that embraces everything we do to reflect who we are and what we hope to build.

“I’m proud to announce that our company is now meta from today.”

To outsiders, it may seem like a version of a Metawares VR, but some people believe it will be the future of the Internet.

Instead of being on a computer, people at Metaverse may use the headset to enter a virtual world that connects all kinds of digital environments. The virtual world is expected to be used for practically anything from work, games, concerts to interaction with friends and family.

Why facebook changed its name ?

facebook changed its name to meta or metaverse so as to move out of controversies.

When did Facebook changed its name to meta ?

Facebook changed its name to metaverse on 29 October 2021

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